Mediation is an alternative process for dispute resolution, during which, a neutral party, the mediator, facilitates the negotiations between the parties of a dispute, in order for them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator doesn’t have the role of a judge nor that of an arbitrator. The parties are the ones who a) choose to participate in the process, b) can withdraw at any time, c) control the outcome of the process, i.e. the potential agreement and its custom terms.

The main advantages of Mediation are:

a) the friendly resolution of the dispute and the maintenance of the party relations,
b) the outcome (the content of the agreement) is being defined by the parties, according to their needs and not by some other third party (e.g. by a judge),
c) it is conducted under terms of full confidentiality, so there is no risk for personal data or business sensitive information to bedisclosured,
d) it is a short procedure, meaning it usually lasts only a few hours and could be completed in one day,
e) it is less expensive than litigation and arbitration,
f) Mediation contributes to decongesting the courts.
g) the agreement between the parties, contained in the record of successful Mediation, is equivalent to an enforceable court decision, just by filing at the court registry.

Our Firm’s Mediator, Mrs. Ioanna Karachaliou, is a member of the «In Medio» Mediators group.

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